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This Is Real… - Mauricio Cremer
12:44 am / June 8th / 2012
Technology has made our world so much smaller in many ways. It allows us to chat with buddies in Oslo, Canada or New York in almost real time. We discuss process, things we like and designers we respect. With all of those digital ties, we have also become a bit more isolated. We no longer have to travel to these cities and countries to meet the designers we appreciate and want in our "camp." We no longer have to wait days, months even years to make those connections. We can hit a power button ... log on and there they are. The thing is: we are people. We have an inherent need for human connection. Ergo, Fieldtrip SF.

Before last summer, I had no idea who Riley Cran was. I was one of the last designers on dribbble (at least it felt that way). He reached out to me. We talked process. He even complimented my work, which was unexpected. All of this happened over iChat. As time progressed I realized that Riley was onto something special. He and Tyler Galpin started this little thing called "Lost Type" (maybe you've heard of it). I was instantly intrigued. Riley's passion for typefaces and design in general became contagious. He quickly submerged me in the dribbble community while introducing me to several of his digital friends and peers. I was blown away by the warm reception.

We got our human connection. What started as a fun conversation between he and Linda Eliasen became a way to finally meet some of the designers I highly respect – as well as give us an opportunity to create something together. I am so humbled and thankful to be part of this group of incredible people.

So get ready. This is real.
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Perfecto - Linda Eliasen
12:40 am / June 8th / 2012
Like most designers, I've loved letters for a very long time. Typography makes up such a significant portion of everything a designer makes, and our understanding of its purpose in our work is a developmental process that continues through our entire career. Making my own type was something that I had never thought of even remotely possible until recently.

For the longest time to me, 'lettering' and 'font building' might as well have been the names of courses offered exclusively at Hogwarts. The production of a typeface seemed more like a mysterious form of magic than a tangible practice I could take on by myself.

Then I met some designers who approach things differently. If there isn't a typeface that serves your purpose in a design, don't settle. Just make it yourself. I've only done a little bit of lettering and hardly any type building, so being here in SF to build some type with the guidance and knowledge of the Lost Type crew is going to be such an incredible learning experience.

In preparation for this trip I started to find lots of inspiration in hand painted signs and vintage goodies. People have been creating custom type for a really long time, and if you look hard enough you can find some gems out there, like this Boraxo tin that a friend showed me. Each letter in 'BORAXO' is so beautiful, and the accompanying extended version for "cleans" and "hands" is so wonderfully crafted that it makes me shout curse words.

  I found this beautiful script on a cigar box in my grandfather's pantry in April. It contained old coins and arrow heads he found when he was a kid, and when the script on the outside of the box caught my eye more than the treasures inside did, he laughed with surprise as he'd obviously never noticed that script before and never would have thought twice about it in a million years.


I'm really looking forward to working with everyone this weekend, and I will be posting my inspiration and process as we go.

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Getting Settled - Riley Cran
12:00 am / June 8th / 2012
Today was a very long and action packed day, the sort that sticks with you for quite a while.

Arriving at this gorgeous house for the first time this afternoon, its been a whirlwind of unpacking bags, getting settled and exchanging thousands of wise-crack one liners with some truly kind and talented folks.

Justin picked us up in his rental car, and we drove across the Golden Gate, ate some amazing food and did our first grocery run. Stocking up on fuel for this marathon of letters.

Knowing most of this crew on the internet for more than a year, it was truly something meeting them for the first time. And I must say, they are as kind and personable as I had garnered from our internet communcations.

Very pleased to be here, and can't wait to get cracking on this font!

Sign find of the day:

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Hearty Handshakes - Jim Leszczynski
9:30 am / June 7th / 2012
It was about this time, less than a year ago. I remember sitting on a crappy bench style seat that was too low to the ground while jamming away on a 3 foot by 2 foot desk with uneven wobbly legs. The smell of 'herb' vapors seeping through the vents of the room I had subleased for the summer of my internship. My drive to make things was unmeasurable. That summer, my skills increased ten-fold. However, I can't say that this success was solely my own doing. It was the summer Riley Cran reached an arm out and sent my brain through a blender..

I remember Riley sending me a small 120px x 80px jpg containing a few random numbers from an old poster design. He proposed a challenge to excel my creative abilities. "Jim, see these numbers here? I think you should make a typeface outa them." Thus was the creation of Ministry and more importantly, a foundation for friendships I've made over the past year..

It seems only fitting and appropriate that I finally meet all of these friends of mine. Perhaps shake that guy Riley's hand, for what he did for my career in design. As I sit on the plane heading out to California awaiting that moment, I can only think about how lucky I am to be a part of this wonderful community.
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