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Mission Collection - Riley Cran
1:56 pm / June 11th / 2012
There is some really great stuff going on over here at Field Trip HQ. Our initial walkthrough of the Mission district (which saw us out in the city for more than 4 hours) allowed us to collect so much inspiration that it made us reconsider our initial aspirations, and scale up to a larger project.

Over the past few days I've watched as my friends and colleagues moved from mental images to pencil sketches, sketches to vector mockups, and even some initial Fontlab work.

I've watched many styles float across this enormous glass top desk (dining room table) we're all working at, and the fact of the matter is: all of them represent the Mission (referring both to the neighborhood, and our goal for the project).

Isn't it easily as outrageous to create a font in a few days, as it is to sum up a neighborhood this gorgeous with a single font? Quite frankly I think we were overwhelmed to see such gorgeous implementations (in ubiquity) of a few styles we search for on a daily basis (on the internet and elsewhere).

I think its likely we will head back to our respective homes more inspired than ever, with projects in the works that will complete a 'Mission Collection'. A set of display faces that together will arc back to the San Franciscan styles we've had the pleasure of documenting over the past week.

This collection will be bigger and badder, and we cannot wait to see these fonts to completion.

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